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• No One Is Illegal »

'No One Is Illegal' Campaign aims to protect Norway's 'paperless' refugees. Read more. 


• Translation and transcription »

Professional translation and transcription services available in English and Norwegian. Contact us for offers.


• It Gets Better-kampanjen vokser samtidig som USA rystes av nytt selvmord »

Møt tre aktivister som har laget et videobidrag til den viktige kampanjen.




Arnøy Journalism and Photography (AJOF) creates news articles, with a specialization in human rights. AJOF has also published a variety of articles in areas such as travel and language. AJOF offers services in photography, translation between English and Norwegian and transcription in English and Norwegian. Feel free to contact us for an offer:




- News stories

- Photograpy

- Translation English/Norwegian/English

- Transcription in Norwegian and English

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Arnøy Journalism and Photography offers pictures from a variety of events.




Contact us if you are interested in photos from events in Oslo, Norway or California, USA.